NPC – Bambina, Thudder and Flora

Bambi, a famous Disney cartoon, is about a fawn who grows up to be the King of the Forest, and his adventures as a fawn and as a grown stag.

In Grizzly Hills you can find Bambina (Bambi) with his friends Thudder (reference to Thumper, Bambi’s rabbit friend) and Flora (reference to Flower, Bambi’s skunk friend), walking with Mother of Bambina.
This cute easter egg: A hunter comes out and shoots Mother of Bambina and Bambina becomes red and angry and chases down the hunter!

About Navimie

Real life healer playing a healer in World of Warcraft who blogs about her guild, achievements, rares and gets excited about WoW's in game references to people, players, places and other pop culture icons.

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  1. This is awesome! Disney FTW :p

  2. This is awesome! What a great find thanks for sharing.

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