WoW Item – Giorgio’s Caduceus of Pure Moods

This staff, Giorgio’s Caduceus of Pure Moods, was on my wishlist for the longest time – it goes so well with heroic Stormrider’s Mantle (or heroic Passive Resistor Spaulders).   In fact all three versions of the staff are gorgeous, but it was the raid finder version that really matched and once you pass that tier, you can’t get it again.  I got it in the last weeks that LFR was available to me, boy was I happy!  I hadn’t really thought about the name but I found out recently that it is a tribute to a number of people.


Heroic, normal and LFR verions of the staff (from top to bottom).Giorgio's heroic Giorgio's normal Giorgio's raid finder

According to WoWHead, Zarhym (a big Puscifer fan) posted this in Reddit:

Yesterday Trent Reznor announced the return of Nine Inch Nails, with an all-new lineup of musicians, including Telefon Tel Aviv’s Josh Eustis.

So why am I telling you about this?

I first met Josh at a Puscifer show in Jerome, AZ this past Summer. This happened after I saw a picture posted by Puscifer band mate Carina Round of Josh beating Diablo III on Inferno — while on tour! To say I’m a fan of the band is an understatement, so I had to pick pieces of skull out of my keyboard for days after finding out he’s a Blizzard gamer and is well aware of my work as a CM. When he found out I was going to the AZ show he invited me backstage to chat and we fast became friends. I got him down for a Blizzard tour not long after the concert. Love was requited.

And I’ve been talking to him about music and games ever since! This man is incredibly talented, and his love for World of Warcraft and its community brings joy to my heart. When he’s not touring or recording, I see him on my friends list, oftentimes pushing through Heroic raid progression. The dude has been doing remarkable work in the music industry for over a decade now, so to see him being recognized, and utilized, by the likes of Maynard James Keenan, and now Trent Reznor, is truly amazing.

With the blessing of some of World of Warcraft’s designers, I was able to get an item added to patch 5.2 that honors both his and his girlfiend’s WoW characters, while also paying homage to Maynard’s wine. When I first linked him to that he seriously freaked out. Seriously. In a good way!

I just felt compelled to share this all with the community. I want him to know that we’re rooting for him, and that he’s a prime example of so many people in our community who both work and play hard. 🙂

So this is Josh Eustis and Zarhym at Blizz HQ

And here is the logo from Maynard’s winery, Caduceus cellars – which I think is the inspiration for the graphic of the staff!


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Real life healer playing a healer in World of Warcraft who blogs about her guild, achievements, rares and gets excited about WoW's in game references to people, players, places and other pop culture icons.

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