NPC – Lenne and Arngrin


If you play Valkyrie Profile, you may recognise these two characters standing around in Dazar’alor on the level where you run to get your seals for the week, in the market area. Valkyrie Profile is an RP Playstation game, and these two guys are likely named after 2 of the characters in the game, Lenneth and Arngrim. Cool since they’re both Valkyries!

1160564633Lenneth is a major characters in the game, being one of the three goddesses of fate. Arngrin is a recurring warrior character in the game.arngrim

About Navimie

Real life healer playing a healer in World of Warcraft who blogs about her guild, achievements, rares and gets excited about WoW's in game references to people, players, places and other pop culture icons.

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