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NPC – Mei Chele


On the Wandering Isle you can find Mei Chele and Lamplighter Mu – named after Michele Morrow (and her boyfriend Michael Weitzman), Scream Queen of horror movies, and whom is also the gorgeous lady who hosted DirecTV’s coverage of Blizzcon in 2014 and 2015.


Michele has been a WoW player since 2007, after she had a major accident, and was given a copy of the game by her boyfriend. She immersed herself in the community and according to the her Community Spotlight Article, she involved herself in charity work and also did a number of other video-game related hosting gigs including at San Diego Comic Con in 2015. She has gaming streams and a podcast – she is one busy lady!

I’ve always admired her Blizzcon coverage style, and now it’s great to know a bit more about her and how she is involved with this game I love so much. She is even now the voice of Alleria Windrunner in Hearthstone!

She also has a Garrison follower named after her, Mychele Morrowsong. I must work on finding that follower!




NPC – Cymre Brightblade

Cymre BrightbladeCymre Brightblade is a Grand Master Pet Tamer found in Gorgrond.  She is named after a good friend of mine Cymre from Bubbles of Mischief.  She writes about transmog, pet battles and archaeology and one of her dress up personas is Cymre Jones (think Indiana Jones).  This NPC looks very similar to her actual toon!

NPC – Jackson Bajheera

Jackson Bajheera

Ashran captains are all named for famous PvP live streamers and personalities, and there are a ton of them!  It’s hard to capture a good picture of an alliance one (when I’m horde) and here is Jackson Bajheera, named after Jackson “Bajheera” Bliton, a well known Twitch streamer and Youtuber.

He’s pictured here with his wife to be WarcraftJen, and he makes enough money from subs to his Twitch stream to be an actual income.  He is also well known lifting weights and being very muscular, and some of his famous quotes have been given to his NPC.

“Fury Bajheera has been unleashed!”

“Hit ’em with the flex!”

“Get stomped on!”

WoW Items – Ordos’ Loot

Ordos was a new world boss added in 5.4 to the Timeless Isle, who only drops warforged items.  To engage him you have to have done the legendary quest chain and have your cloak.  Blizz did a cool thing and paid homage to those who are really active in the WoW community, by honouring them with a loot item bearing their name!

Aladya’s Spiritfire Greathelm
Named after one of Methods paladin healers, Aladya.  Method is current #1 raiding guild in the world, and is on Twisting Nether, EU.

Pic of Method from Manaflask

Anafielle’s Spiked Choker
Anafielle is one of the three authors of the prot pally blog Sacred Duty, and is a member of the guild Something Wicked.


Arielle’s Ancient Legwraps
Yay for druid love!  This one I know – Arielle is from Team Waffle Podcast and writes on the Inconspicuous Bear (well, because they’re the bear LOL).  I thought Arielle’s tweet was pretty cool

“I’m pretty sure there’s a rule somewhere that if you get an item named after you in @Warcraft you get to call in sick the next day.” – @riftmaker

Binkenstein’s Burnished Belt
Someone whose name I recognise from Twitter, Binkenstein is plays an ele shaman and used to theorycraft a lot at Elitist Jerks and Totem Spot (he stopped doing Totemspot in Sept 2013).  And apparently he’s a kiwi (AND he was on Saurfang Horde)!  His tweets are now protected, so I wonder when I saw his tweets.. maybe a log time ago but the name and avatar are very familiar 🙂

Damien’s Icy-Vein Mask
Who doesn’t know that site, Icy-Veins?  I’m there all the time! A fantastic site for raid info as well as world faction stuff, it’s such a great site, and Damien is one of the co-owners of the site.  Kudos to him!

Derevka’s Gleaming Girdle
Another person from the guild Something Wicked!  I have seen Derevka on twitter, and he writes at Tales of a Priest (and also contributes to How To priest), and apparently was Totally Debuffed with Humbled when he heard the news of his tribute.  Aww, that’s just too awesome!

Hamlet’s Wind-Whipped Leggings
Named for Hamlet from Elitist Jerks – need I say anymore 😛  I watched some of his Challenge Mode videos!  Pretty awesome!


Hoodrych’s Bloodied Chestplate
A warrior PvP live streamer from the #1PvP guild on Tichondrius “Hey I’m MVP”, Hoodrych is one of those scary bloody warriors that I don’t want anywhere near me!

Magdalena’s Murderous Crown
Another Something Wicked member and EJ theorycrafter – Magdalena, who plays a DK, was “floored and honoured” to have something named after her!

Magdalena Something Wicked

Olivia’s Graceful Gaze
I love the play on this name 🙂  Olivia Grace from WoWInsider (she writes the PvP column) who also features on’s Legendary podcast – she is one busy lady playing her Shay-man!

Omegal’s Crushing Carapace
I didn’t know this but Omegal (MysticalOS) is one of the tanks for Something Wicked, and also one of the developers of Deadly Boss Mods!

omegal word

Paululum’s Doodled Wraps
Paululum does so many cutesy doodles – I think you would have to read forums to understand the jokes – but they are hugely popular 😀

Ghostcrawler and Zarrhym’s baby

Rossi’s Rosin-Soaked Shoulderplates
Matthew Rossi, has a lovely voice!  My tiny brush with fame with him is that you can hear his voice introducing TNB right before my interview on it (he was on it the week before me!).  Matthew Rossi is from WoWInsider and plays a warrior.

Stickney’s Grey-Shade Hood
Anne Stickney (@ShadesoGrey – no not that book!) is the Lorewriter for WoWInsider. I had some articles from my blog linked by her ages ago, and it was a massive honour I can tell you that!   Apparently this item had a typo on the PTR!  Lucky it’s fixed so now she can marry it 😛

Venruki’s Venerable Sash
Shabahdu’s HERO!  He goes on and on at me about Venruki who plays with Sodah sometimes and livesteams .  Venruki is another member from Tichondrius’ Hey I’m MVP and is an AMAZING mage.  I wish Shab could get the belt so he could be a total fanboy.  I should drag him to Ordos sometime.

Zoo-per’s Superior Chestguard
Zoopercat is the CEO of Ask Mr Robot, which I use to help with reforges and regems for your gear.  Lush has full membership so he tells me what to do most of the time!