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NPC – Ling of the Six Pools

Ling of the Six Pools

This NPC is one of the Shado-pan daily Quest givers at Shado-Pan Garrison in Townlong Steppes.  She is a Starcraft 2 Reference – Six Pool is the name of one of the classic opening Starcraft 2 strategies where you create 6 early Spawning Pools to do a Zergling rush. Ling obviously referring to the ZergLINGs.

NPC – Kim Won Gi

This came to my attention courtesy of Keredria of Tree of Life.

Kim Won Gi is found in the Valley of the Four Winds, at Halfhill.  This Fruit dealer is named after Kim Won Ki, a professional Starcraft player who won the Season 1 Global Starcraft 2 League (netting him US$89k).  He played zerg, which was thought to be vastly inferior to terran, and was thought of as the greatest SC2 player at the time of his win.  His handle, translated from Korean 과일장수, means  “fruit dealer” (hence the NPC’s tag), so named because his mother was a fruit seller and he would often help at her store.