NPC – Pitfighter Vaandaam

Pitfighter Vaandaam

Those of you who have Alliance Garrisons will know this fellow (as he becomes a follower – the Horde equivalent is Bruto), but for us Hordies we may never encounter him.  Pitfighter Vaandaam is found in Gorgrond  and is a reference to Jean-Claude Van Damme, and also a computer game, called Pitfighter.  Pitfighter is an arcade fighting game whose characters (Ty, Buzz and Kato) were based on 3 characters from Bloodsport, a movie in which Van Damme starred (character’s name was Frank Dux). Ty bears a resemblance to Dux in the movie (according to a translated Portuguese Wikipedia). There is no mention of this, however on the English versions, but I think as both are kickboxers, that is where the resemblance lies.

Unfortunately the NPC doesn’t have any quotes that would back this up!


About Navimie

Real life healer playing a healer in World of Warcraft who blogs about her guild, achievements, rares and gets excited about WoW's in game references to people, players, places and other pop culture icons.

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