NPC – Lenne and Arngrin


If you play Valkyrie Profile, you may recognise these two characters standing around in Dazar’alor on the level where you run to get your seals for the week, in the market area. Valkyrie Profile is an RP Playstation game, and these two guys are likely named after 2 of the characters in the game, Lenneth and Arngrim. Cool since they’re both Valkyries!

1160564633Lenneth is a major characters in the game, being one of the three goddesses of fate. Arngrin is a recurring warrior character in the game.arngrim

NPC – Filrich and Mr Nors


I came across a tweet by Plushtoy with this pic and did not know it existed! Filrich is located in the Nar’thalas Academy in Azsuna along with Mr Nors. They are reference to Filch and Mrs Norris, from JK Rowling’s Harry Potter (with a bit of letter shuffling).

Argus Filch is the caretaker of Hogwarts, and he has a very strong connection with his cat, Mrs Norris. They are often roaming the corridors looking to catch students doing something wrong.


NPC – “Ritualist Who?” Achievement

The Ritualist Who? Achievement is to kill all the named Ritualists who are part of the trash mobs before the Dark Animus in Throne of Thunder. The pop culture reference for that is that all those Ritualists are named after monsters in Dr Who, hence the name of the achievement.

ritualist who

Sirian – humanoid species inhabiting Sirius (couldn’t find any pics)

It’s the first Horde Dr Who reference I’ve found – the only other one I know is about an alliance quest in Borean Tundra (The Ultrasonic Screwdriver), which is a reference to Dr Who’s Sonic screwdriver, which reminds me of a multi-tool that can emit sound waves, open locks, hack technology, as well as amplify energy waves and frequencies.


NPC – Mei Chele


On the Wandering Isle you can find Mei Chele and Lamplighter Mu – named after Michele Morrow (and her boyfriend Michael Weitzman), Scream Queen of horror movies, and whom is also the gorgeous lady who hosted DirecTV’s coverage of Blizzcon in 2014 and 2015.


Michele has been a WoW player since 2007, after she had a major accident, and was given a copy of the game by her boyfriend. She immersed herself in the community and according to the her Community Spotlight Article, she involved herself in charity work and also did a number of other video-game related hosting gigs including at San Diego Comic Con in 2015. She has gaming streams and a podcast – she is one busy lady!

I’ve always admired her Blizzcon coverage style, and now it’s great to know a bit more about her and how she is involved with this game I love so much. She is even now the voice of Alleria Windrunner in Hearthstone!

She also has a Garrison follower named after her, Mychele Morrowsong. I must work on finding that follower!



NPC – Pitfighter Vaandaam

Pitfighter Vaandaam

Those of you who have Alliance Garrisons will know this fellow (as he becomes a follower – the Horde equivalent is Bruto), but for us Hordies we may never encounter him.  Pitfighter Vaandaam is found in Gorgrond  and is a reference to Jean-Claude Van Damme, and also a computer game, called Pitfighter.  Pitfighter is an arcade fighting game whose characters (Ty, Buzz and Kato) were based on 3 characters from Bloodsport, a movie in which Van Damme starred (character’s name was Frank Dux). Ty bears a resemblance to Dux in the movie (according to a translated Portuguese Wikipedia). There is no mention of this, however on the English versions, but I think as both are kickboxers, that is where the resemblance lies.

Unfortunately the NPC doesn’t have any quotes that would back this up!

NPC – Ling of the Six Pools

Ling of the Six Pools

This NPC is one of the Shado-pan daily Quest givers at Shado-Pan Garrison in Townlong Steppes.  She is a Starcraft 2 Reference – Six Pool is the name of one of the classic opening Starcraft 2 strategies where you create 6 early Spawning Pools to do a Zergling rush. Ling obviously referring to the ZergLINGs.

NPC – Lieutenant Horatio Laine

Lieutenant Horatio Laine


As you enter Westfall from Elwynn Forest you will encounter a crime scene, and Lieutenant Horatio Laine is there with some quests for you to uncover what really happened.  This NPC is a reference to CSI:Miami’s main character Lieutenant Horatio Caine, played by David Caruso.  His character has some rather defining mannerisms – including drawling out his sentences as he puts on or takes off his shades, as well as saying a drawn out “Yeahhhh.”

The NPC also says some lines as a throwback to Lieutenant Caine:

Lieutenant Horatio Laine says: No kidding, rookie…
Lieutenant Horatio Laine says: Looks like they really put the cart…
Lieutenant Horatio Laine says: …before the horse

Lieutenant Horatio Laine says: Doesn’t look good, rookie.
Lieutenant Horatio Laine says: This was an execution. Whoever did this was sending a message…
Lieutenant Horatio Laine says: A message for anyone who would dare snitch on these criminals.
Lieutenant Horatio Laine says: It would appear that poor Lou really put his foot…
Lieutenant Horatio Laine says: In his mouth…

And I didn’t see this when I was doing the quest, but apparently he puts on shades as he kneels down to investigate a scene!

Image from Wowhead

What a shame he doesn’t say “Yeaaaaaahhhh.”

NPC – Makael Bay

You wouldn’t see this toon unless you were levelling your Panda on the Wandering Isle (starter zone) and I admit I missed it the first time because I was so eager to get OFF that turtle’s back and join a faction.

Makael Bay

This toon is a reference to Michael Bay, the movie director and producer, who is well known for his liberal use of explosions in his movies, and it isn’t surprising that this NPC has a quest for you to collect explosives.  Some of the movies to Michael Bay’s credit include:the Transformers movies, Armageddon, Pearl Harbour.

NPC – Cymre Brightblade

Cymre BrightbladeCymre Brightblade is a Grand Master Pet Tamer found in Gorgrond.  She is named after a good friend of mine Cymre from Bubbles of Mischief.  She writes about transmog, pet battles and archaeology and one of her dress up personas is Cymre Jones (think Indiana Jones).  This NPC looks very similar to her actual toon!

NPC – Jackson Bajheera

Jackson Bajheera

Ashran captains are all named for famous PvP live streamers and personalities, and there are a ton of them!  It’s hard to capture a good picture of an alliance one (when I’m horde) and here is Jackson Bajheera, named after Jackson “Bajheera” Bliton, a well known Twitch streamer and Youtuber.

He’s pictured here with his wife to be WarcraftJen, and he makes enough money from subs to his Twitch stream to be an actual income.  He is also well known lifting weights and being very muscular, and some of his famous quotes have been given to his NPC.

“Fury Bajheera has been unleashed!”

“Hit ’em with the flex!”

“Get stomped on!”